23rd January 2018

The consortium

The Scale-EUp² project’s consortium covers 4 European hubs from different countries with excellent connections to all relevant organisations, institutions, networks and other national and international projects. Each hub participation to the project involves two partners having complementary expertise and networks. In order to deal efficiently with the high-tech profile of the start-up targeted in the Scale-EUp² project, each hub will have at least one technology cluster involved. The consortium will cover, through the expertise of its members, cover the complete range of technologies associated to the emerging field of “Internet of Things” from photonics, microelectronic and electronics, to network architectures, mobile Internet, ubiquitous applications and Big Data and will be able to bring assistance to a large panel of high-tech start-up.

Opticsvalley is a business and innovation accelerator, the Paris area cluster in photonics and high-tech ; its mission is to stimulate mutually beneficial cross-sectorial collaborations between photonics companies and the end-users from several strategic markets, and thus to bring new sources of innovation and added value to these markets through emerging technologies. Opticsvalley’s actions focus on creating business and innovation opportunities for its members through intra and cross-sectorial collaborations with other start-up and SMEs, with corporate players and with research labs. The main Sectors represented by the cluster are: Optics and Photonics, IoT and their applications in the fields of Smart Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Mobility, Personalized Health and Well Being, Aerospace and Defense, ICT ...
Paris&Co is the economic development and innovation agency of the city of Paris, providing support for foreign direct investments and promotes the international attractiveness of Paris abroad. Paris&co coordinates several Paris area incubators and has 8 innovation platforms, co-developed with 60 partner corporate players, dedicated to different emerging domains such as the sustainable cities, digital industries, e-Health, e-Food … Paris&Co developed strategic relationships with numerous large corporations in France and assists them in developing open innovation and developing their relations with French and foreign start-up. Paris&co organizes each year pitch sessions for more than 150 international start-up and collaborates with widespread international hubs.
The Southern European Cluster in Photonics and Optics (SECPhO) is a national Spanish cluster in Photonics and Optics focused on creating new business opportunities for its members and helping them reinforce their innovation portfolio through collaborative projects. Relying on the large range of specialisations of its young and entrepreneurial team, SECPhO offers comprehensive support to its members. SECPhO has a solid experience in facilitating innovation project emergence to the benefit of high-tech SMEs and start-up. This experience was gathered through the organization of cross-sectoral innovation workshops nationally and in Europe with market oriented clusters from different industrial sectors like transportation systems (railway, automotive, aerospace …), smart industry and manufacturing (rubber industry, food packaging, agricultural machinery, olive oil and wine industry …), life science and medical devices ...
Fundació i2CAT is a non-profit research and innovation centre which promotes mission-oriented R+D+i activities on advanced Internet architectures, applications and services. i2CAT is prepared to become a key international R+D+i partner in the field of Internet Technologies, helping companies to foster their innovation and generating a new digital society and economy. The centre stands up for a new open innovation framework, fostering the collaboration between companies, public administration, the academic environment and end-users. i2CAT covers an extensive range of research areas associated to new high-capacity network architectures, associated distributed applications and ubiquitous computing for the Internet of Things. Its experience covers not only classical (LTE, WiFi, ZigBee) and emerging (5G, SigFox, 6LowPAN) wireless communication networks, but also deals with issues in the network convergence, distributed applications and cloud services, and Big Data.
Photonics Austria, the Austrian Platform for Light Technologies, was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) to achieve a strong presence on the national and international level, and to promote collaborations between the industry, research facilities and universities. Several success stories in the field of photonics, ranging from small start-up companies to large projects, emerged in its ecosystem. The main focus of Photonics Austria is to establish networking and cooperation between business, research and training in the field of Photonics. The network therefore holds meetings in different locations all over Austria, hosted by a member organisations, allowing to deal with specific topics related to photonics and the business field the host is active in, and to stimulate collaborations.
Silicon Alps is an emerging Austrian technology and innovation cluster for electronic based systems, representing high-tech industrial companies, research companies and universities. The Silicon Alps cluster directly supports the “Silicon Austria” initiative by the bmvit (the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology) and the technology platform ECSEL Austria. Silicon Alps has currently 130 member companies it regularly assists in order to increase their competitiveness and innovation performance. The organization works with leading global enterprises, such as Infineon Technologies Austria, Lam Research, KapschTrafficCom, Mahle or Flextronics International … as well as with research-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises having a determining influence on future advancements in the fields of electronics, microelectronics, mechatronics and medical technology. . One of the Silicon Alps’ strategic missions is to increase the international visibility of the South Austria as a high-tech region, and to make the location more suitable for start-ups and company settlements.
Photonics BW is a non-profit organization positioned as the innovation network for optical technologies in Baden-Württemberg area. The organization counts more than 70 members from industry, SME, Start-Up, Research and consulting institutions and is awarded the EU Quality Label Cluster Management Excellence in Gold since 2013. Photonics BW recently lunched the "Photonics Innovation Booster", sustained by European Regional Development Funds, aiming to build and expand the network's innovation-promoting structures and services. The organization has a repository of the expertise and high-quality instrumentation equipment available at Baden-Württemberg research institutes and universities and will rely on this information to facilitate access to appropriate R&D partners to start-up and SMEs.
Steinbeis 2i GmbH is a 100% spin-off of Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ), a non-profit organisation within Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH (SIG), founded in 2016. All staff members and competences from SEZ have been taken over by S2i who benefits thus over 25 years’ experience of SEZ’s and the senior staff expertise in the management and monitoring of European Innovation Projects, building innovation capacities in SME and supporting cross-border research and technology transfer. As a member of the Enterprise Europe Network, with its 700 partner organizations in more than 50 countries, S2i will provide valuable links to numerous European hubs.